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1.Why should I order from wsfencing of a different company? 

 a.Price :We have four workshop for produce fencing mask,bag,clothes and blade,so all the price is the orginal factory price,besides,compare with European and North American,the salary for worker in China is very cheap,it is about 1 to 1.5 dollars per hours for blue-collar,so we can keep a low cost for produce our products.

 b.Quality,Base on such as a low pirce(compare with so many big brand),how about the quality?during the last year,our sales amount have been increase 1.5 million,most of our worker with more than ten years experience for produce fencing products,so they are very professional,we also have many partner from different country,so we can always keep the most popluar idea for our products.

 c.Services:How about the services from wsfencing?We focus on customer satisfaction,if there is any problem during our business,you can get  the reply from wsfencing within 24hours.


2.After I pay,How long does it take to ship my order?

 The delivery time is depend on the quantity  and order items,if there is any special items out of stock,for examples print logo on your goods,specail design ect..under normal,it will need 7-10days.For general order,we have most of the items in stock,the delivery time is about 3days.


3.Where I can get wsfencing catalog and price list?

 You cannot find our catalog and price list in this website,please send email to wsfencing@gmail.com for get it.


4.Why are the shipping cost not included in the price list.

In order to offer the most economical shipping cost,the shipping cost was calcualted by your order weight and package dimensions,so shipping cost is not standard and cannot be indicated in advance.


5.How I can make sure to get a good quality products after I pay?

We accept bank transfer and Paypal,for our cooperation,if you are worried the quality ect..we can use Paypal for payment,after you get the goods,if there is any problem,you can apply the money back very easy.





















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